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Dog | Male | Age: 7 Years | Bull Dog Mix | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Domino is the best of both worlds: he is energetic and loves exploring the outdoors and he loves napping and snuggling on the couch with you. He loves food and is very treat motivated. Domino is smart, he knows a lot of commands: sit, spin, shake, down, roll over, place, out, stay, heel. The latter four of the commands he learned at a 3 week boarded training program, where he also learned to walk better on a lead. He is still improving on the skills he learned at training and uses treats for keeping up with his training.

Other Animals
Domino has not lived with other animals. He does not get along with cats. He plays well with other dogs outside and at the dog park. When he gets tired or stressed, he gets territorial over things in the house with other dogs.

Medical History
Domino is neutered and up to date on his vaccines. Domino does not like his paws being touched so he takes gabapentin and trazadone when going to the vet to get his nails trimmed. Domino has allergies which cause his skin to get itchy and red. He takes a probiotic twice a day to help keep allergies at bay. When he has an allergy flare up, he takes Benadryl.

Ideal Home
Domino's ideal home would not have children below the age of 4. He is currently in a home with a baby. He gets frightened and sometimes acts jumpy/skittish the child and has growled when they approach him so they are currently separated at all times. This is difficult for Domino who loves to be included and in the center of the action all the time! He acts well with older children but sometimes gets too excited and needs to be reminded to stay calm and not jump when they enter the home. Domino's ideal home would not have other cats or dogs. Another dog could eventually be great for Domino but it would require training and patience as Domino has never lived with another dog before. Domino's ideal home would include a large yard with an electric fence. He currently has a 2 acre electric fenced in yard which he loves to go out and play in. Our last home had a small yard which required Domino to be kept on a lead when outside. This was not ideal for Domino; he often wiggled out of his lead to go on escapades around the neighborhood.

Physical Description
Domino is about 50 pounds. He has short fur which is mostly brown but has white with black spots on his paws and nose.

phone: 608-332-1373


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