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Dog | Male | Age: 8 months | Black mouth cur / Boxer | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Dozer is a generally dopey and happy 8-month-old adolescent dog. He loves to play and wrestle and is still quite mouthy at times. He loves to play fetch with a ball or a frisbee and tug with his ropes. He likes people and wants to meet all of them. He's energetic and loves to go with you to do whatever you're doing. If he gets bored he destroys things like toys and bedding.

Other Animals
He doesn't live with any other animals currently. He's visited with other family members dogs and generally he just wanted to play. An altercation did break out one time when the older dog he was pestering snapped at him and he snapped back. No blood was drawn.

Medical History
He's about 60-70lbs at this point. We're guessing he'll be 90lbs when he's fully grown. He's up to date on his shots and is not currently neutered. We had been waiting for him to turn a year before snipping him. He had when we got him, from the rescue which brought him up from Texas, which was taken care of with meds.

Ideal Home
In our opinion, he needs a home where he can be in an active home without kids.

Physical Description
He's mostly house-trained but does have some accidents if he's ignored.

Other Information
He has food aggression with high-value treats like bones. It only happened once, but when it did it was out of the blue and anyone near him was going to get bitten. That was about a month ago now and there has been a bit of growling when trying to make him do things he didn't want to do. We have a young daughter and we can't risk her or one of her friends getting bitten if he decides to flip out over a dropped hotdog or something.

phone: 6086049807


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