Dog | Male | Age: 6 | Estrela Mountain Dog | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Duke is loving dog who is great with kids. He likes to lay around the house, but also loves to run.

Other Animals
Duke has lived with a small dog, medium dog and then also two cats.

Medical History
Duke had Lyme's at one time in his life so he needs to be checked yearly when he is seen for his annual.

Ideal Home
Duke would be good in a place he can run free and come home or someone who loves walks.

Physical Description
Duke is a large dog who came from Portugal. He has a passport of the different places he has moved with his prior family. They were in the service and after she has surgery she was unable to walk him as much as she wanted. So he was rehomed to us.

Other Information
The only reason we are rehoming him is because we recently found the horrible headaches my husband suffers from is due to allergies.

phone: 608-293-0589

email: alaricmom@gmail.com

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