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Earl and Randy 

Rodent | Male | Age: 8 months | Fancy rat

Earl is Friendly, curious, smart. Randy is more shy and doesn’t enjoy being held but tolerated it. Neither have ever tried to bite me in any way and enjoy pets in their cage.

Other Animals
The rats live together and love to play with eachother. Did try to bite my dog through his cage when she tried to sniff him.

Medical History

Ideal Home
Ideally they will go to a home that is ok with not handling them super frequently (earl doesn’t mind being handled but randy gets scared when trying to be picked up) or is ok taking it slow so that they feel more comfortable being handled. They currently live in a two story critter nation cage so ideally they would go to someone who has a good amount of space for them or has space for them to run around. They are super sweet and I am heartbroken to have to rehome them. They are the sweetest most curious little guys who deserve someone that understands what amazing pets rats can be.

Physical Description
Earl is black and white, randy is an albino rat with red eyes and has some gray fur on his nose and near his tail.

phone: 2622122481


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