Cat | Female | Age: 16 | long hair domestic | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

She is a very friendly and cuddly little lady. She likes to sit in her person's lap or lay down with them and watch TV. Her favorite pass times include napping with her human and watching birds out the window

Other Animals
She has lived in a senior dog who she got along with and a puppy who she is deeply skeptical of.

Medical History
She was declawed, spayed, and is up to date on all vaccinations. She is also an anxious lady who has been on and off of medication to manage her anxiety. She is current off of it, but may need to go back on it to navigate a large transition like moving.

Ideal Home
She would likely do best in a home with older kids, and chill pets. She's less fond of younger pets and people who want to play a little more than she likes. She hides from kids at first, but warms up, to older kids. Toddlers make her very nervous as do babies. Her ideal companion people and pets are those who are as committed to napping and cuddles as she is. She's looking for a nice home to retire to with humans who can be patient with her anxiety and provide her a calmer home than the one she is currently in.

Physical Description
She is a long haired tortie cat with beautiful green eyes. She's a larger cat, around 14 lbs.

Other Information
She has a cat tree, food, and bed that she could bring with her to help with the adjustment.

phone: 331-645-9483

email: samantha.becker12@gmail.com

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