Cat | Female | Age: 10 | Gray Short Haired | Spayed/Neutered

Esme is a one human cat that prefers a quiet and calm home. She thrives when she can be given all the attention and treats on her own terms. She is loyal and fierce and will always watch over her human as long as she can see them. She is a grazer that can have her food left out all day with having self control not to over-indulge. She also doesn't mind if you work long hours, this allows her to recharge her batteries. Esme will want to enjoy your morning coffee and meals right by your side.

Other Animals
Esme has lived with a dog and cat. She would probably be best in a house that doesn't have a dog.

Medical History
She is not declawed but has been spayed. She has recently been to the vet, so she should be updated on vaccines.

Ideal Home
A quiet home with no dogs or children.

Physical Description
Esme is a gray short haired cat with a white patch on her chest. She is a medium sized cat that is still very agile.

phone: 847-401-7290


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