Other | Female | Age: under 1 year | Guppy

Loves food and comes up to the glass when I am near the tank

Other Animals
Other guppy fish, four to five need rehoming

Medical History
No known concerns, may want to treat with API "Melafix" to ensure fin-rot is not introduced to your tank just in case!

Ideal Home
It is recommended to have at least three guppies in a school and have at least a 10 gallon aquarium. Preferably with all other females since they will breed!

Physical Description
small female guppy translucent yellow and bright orange tail, brown body with black spots and a bright orange tail. All brown guppy with black tail and one black spot on face.

Other Information
I have 4-5 female guppies that need rehoming because not all the "male" guppies I got were in fact male and they had a LOT of babies. It would be unethical for me to keep them much longer as they will start to have inbreed babies and my tank has surpassed the recommended amount of guppies I should hose in it long-term.

phone: 6083208494


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