Cat | Female | Age: 4.5 | Domestic Shorthair | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Greta is an independent girl who also loves to snuggle and will often sleep curled up beside you on the bed. Thankfully she's tolerant of having her nails trimmed since she loves to make biscuits and doesn't care if her long nails prick you! She loves catnip and catnip toys, but gets a little greedy with wet food so you have to give it to her in small amounts so she doesn't overdo it. She also adores big windows where she can watch birds and squirrels and leaves. She's quite the huntress though - has killed a few mice for me - so she definitely isn't one to trust outside since she'd be hell on the bird population ...

Other Animals
Hates other cats - is very territorial and been known to block them from the litter pan and get into fights with them. She'll tolerate visiting dogs if they're polite, but doesn't enjoy living with them and will go out of her way to bully them.

Medical History
Spayed. Up to date on vaccines. Had a rectal prolapse as a kitten due to parasites (before I got her) that was surgically corrected. She now has a minor chronic prolapse that is easily managed with diet. She also should have her anal glands checked on routine vet visits - history of impaction/infection (when first came to me). She also has typical hairballs when she's shedding that are also easily managed with grooming and hairball treats/wet food. She can be dramatic about them though ...

Ideal Home
Ideally she would be only pet in home - she will bully any other animal in the home full time (visiting polite friends are fine). Would probably do best with older children, if any. She doesn't know what to make of small children (she's met a few and her reaction was unclear) - is fine if they visit but don't know how she would be living with them full time.

Physical Description
Black with white patches along through, belly and crotch. Green eyes.

Other Information
I am rehoming because of conflict between my animals after moving. They have not adjusted to their new environment together as hoped.

phone: 2184092251


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