Rabbit | Male | Age: 1 year | Flemish Giant | Spayed/Neutered

Playful, friendly, sweet, will come when called with a treat, pretty fearless & outgoing bunny, curious, mellow, treat motivated, easy going

Other Animals
was socialized with dogs and cats at his parents' home but lives now as an only bunny

Medical History
Healthy and just over 1 year old, neutered, good weight, no issues

Ideal Home
Haze would love to have a home with gentle kids or adults, who want an easy going, friendly bunny and will play with him, a safe bunny proof home he can roam & explore

Physical Description
Haze is a Beautiful BIG boy with huge adorable ears, and a gorgeous soft coat with lovely markings in many shifting tones of grey

Other Information
Very mellow and easy going bunny, has had a happy life with no stress or fear, has always been treated gently so he tends to respond to everything with a mellow friendly curiosity.

phone: 6084677217

email: vaneekara@yahoo.com

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