Hime (HEE-may) 

Cat | Female | Age: 12 | Domestic Medium Hair | Spayed/Neutered

Hime loves to go out on the balcony early in the morning or after the sun has set. Sometimes she lounges outside and watches the birds. She loves to sit on laps that are covered with blankets, and watch the Great British Bakeoff. When she wants to be picked up she will relax into your shoulder and purr her little heart out. When she is comfortable she is very affectionate and has a lot of love to give.

Other Animals
Hime did live with an older, male cat when she was first adopted. Because this cat did not enjoy her company, Hime generally kept her distance.

Medical History
Hime is spayed, up to date on her vaccines. She has Feline Idiopathic Cystitis, and eats prescription urinary diet food, and wears a pheromone collar.

Ideal Home
The ideal home for Hime would be one where someone is usually home during the day. Hime will need someone who is patient and willing to support her with her anxiety.

Other Information
We are moving internationally and cannot take our cat with us. We had someone who knows her and about her needs who offered to take her, but they backed out, putting us in a bind. Hime is a special needs cat. In her first home, before we had her, she lived with an incontinent cat, and she learned to urinate outside the box as a stress response. She urinates outside the box when she is stressed, even when all provisions are taken to make her comfortable. She will also urinate on soft things that are left on the floor, like a blanket, a backpack, or a sock (she does this almost without fail, even when supervised). She is frequently anxious and vocal. She will need a home that is patient and willing to teach her new things.

phone: 608-575-7397

email: lbrandis09@gmail.com

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