Hippopotamus "Hippo" 

Dog | Male | Age: 11 Months | Border Collie/Australian Shepard Mix

Super loving, playful, affectionate, wonderful life companion hoping for a new, amazing family to adopt! Will shower you with light, loving kisses, warm snuggles and devotional loyalty! You will immediately fall in love with your new partner in life! Please give me a chance to be your best friend! I will open your heart if you are please willing to open your home! I'm super healthy, amazingly caring and zestful! I love you and wish you a beautiful, wonderful life! I’m the leader of the pack, living life to its fullest and a great guardian angel!

Other Animals
I've lived successfully with other dogs! I have a tendency to mouth cats but do not bite them.

Medical History
Excellent perfect medical history! I'm super healthy and happy!

Ideal Home
Eating carrots, sweet potatoes, avocados, rice, apples, bananas, broccoli, lettuce, green beans, spinach, some wild caught fish. I also eat some dog food and I'm ready to fall in love with my new family! Will you be my best friend! Seeking a home to play in, a yard to run and fun places to walk!

Physical Description
Mostly white face, body and chest with Black on my back & tail! I'm super beautiful and loving!!!

phone: 9202538934

email: jurczyk.brian@yahoo.com

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