Impa & Papaya 

Rodent | Female | Age: 7mo | Rat

Very social and friendly, never have they bit me. They will sit on your shoulder all day if you let them.

Other Animals
They currently live with two other rats and there have been no problems. They even get along with my cat.

Medical History

Ideal Home
Anyone who has the space to provide an adequately sized cage, the time to play with them once a day, and the time to properly clean their tank every few days to ensure a clean environment for them. I would not recommend them for kids since they don't like being picked up much, they mostly like running around with you and sitting on your shoulder.

Physical Description
Impa is white with red eyes. Papaya, or "Paya" is white with grey patches.

Other Information
They must be adopted and live together. They are litter trained. They LOVE pea ice. (peas frozen in water). They are very active so they do become irritated and noisy if they don't have free roam time at least once every other day.

phone: 6083593850


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