Dog | Female | Age: 2 | mixed | Spayed/Neutered

India is a highly intelligent, affectionate, and athletic 2 year old spayed female dog originally from New Delhi, India. She was rescued from the city streets as a tiny pup after having her tail run over by a motorcycle. The tail had to be amputated and is now about 3/4 its natural length. India arrived in the U.S. at age 4 months old. India’s strengths: - 100% housebroken - UTD on her shots - Has had basic obedience training - Was socialized extensively as a pup - Loves people but needs a few minutes to warm up to them - Loves to cuddle in the evenings after adequate exercise - Loves to sleep under the covers with you - Is highly playful with large male dogs but also enjoys bossing them around - Is outrageously smart and would love to learn tricks - Is food motivated - Does NOT beg for human food - Has been trained to accompany her person on bike rides using a bike tow leash and enjoys these outings (still fairly short distances of around 2 miles.) - Is an excellent watch dog with a fierce bark that sounds like she weighs 65 pounds instead of her actual 35 pounds. - Is accepting of a dog crate for short periods of time (e.g., while eating.) India’s interesting and sometimes challenging “street dog survival behaviors” include: - Expertise at opening many doors and locks - “Casing the joint” when she enters a room, looking for food to steal! - Counter surfing if given an opportunity - Opening any “child proof” pill bottle that she can find - but not eating a single pill :-) - Reactivity towards dogs she doesn’t know, even if they are in the distance.

Other Animals
Gets along and plays well with large male dogs. DOES NOT get along with female dogs or small dogs of any gender. NO cats either.

Medical History
up to date on shots, spayed, no health issues

Ideal Home
India needs a home with: - A large male dog or no dogs - A fenced yard, preferably with a privacy fence - No female dogs - No small dogs - No cats - No children under age 12 - A loving human that will set consistent limits with her

Physical Description
Very short fur; weighs about 30 something pounds. See photo.

phone: (847) 602-2410


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