Dog | Male | Age: 3 | Pitbull mix | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Hyper, outgoing, loves cats and small dogs but needs slow introductions to dogs his size or larger slowly. He’s honestly an amazing dog, a little bit of anxiety at first, but due to work my work and the demands of the pandemic I have come to realize that I cannot devote the time to indie the way he deserves. He needs a little training, but knows his manners like sit, stay, and lay down, house trained and house broken. Indie came from an abusive situation and has come a long way in coming out of his shell.

Other Animals
Yes 2 cats

Medical History
Allergic to chicken

Ideal Home
Someone with a yard, patience to understand indie needs someone who is as active as him.

Physical Description
White with black/brown spots

phone: 6082074544


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