Dog | Male | Age: 1.5 | Hound, mix | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Loving toward his immediate family, well behaved, and goes to bed every night at 7:30 p.m. without fail lol. His little tags constantly wags to the point his butt often can't keep up. He does have issues with other dogs, if he doesn't know them, he will growl or show his teeth, especially on walks. He does get along well with the other dog in the home though. He also, has a desire to be free. Because he's a hound his nose gets the best of him.

Other Animals
He adores his live in dog friend. They play endlessly and have a wonderful friendship.

Medical History
Hes neutered. Current with all vaccines and heart guard/flea. Was at the vet a few weeks ago for overall check. All is well.

Ideal Home
Joey would be best in a home where he got alot of exercise manually, or was free to roam in a fenced yard or farm. He is a hunter and that is part of who he is.

Physical Description
Best described as very muscular and as athletic as they come. Also, very handsome little guy. He is 40 lbs and stands just below the knees.

Other Information
Joey needs a home that he can run, and someone that is willing to work through his reactivity toward other dogs. We are unable to go on vacation, as we don't want to board him, but our parents can't help because they have another dog. We adopted Joey from the humane society and really wanted it to work out. But his inability to stay in our yard, and reactivity toward other dogs makes it a poor fit for our circumstances.

phone: 6084460862


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