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Bird | Male | Age: Unknown. I’ve had him for 9 years but I don’t know how old he was when I got him. | Cockatiel

Loves to cuddle and have his head pet. Smart. Sings tunes. Says pretty bird.

Other Animals
Is paired with a female cockatiel who will be rehomed with him. Also has lived with a rabbit. Got along perfectly. Would not do well with a dog or cat.

Medical History
Has not had a single health problem since I’ve had him.

Ideal Home
No cats or dogs. Cockatiels spook easily so kids would be questionable. They are out of the cage for at least 4 hours per day, more on weekends. This would ideally continue, longer times flying free would be even better!

Physical Description

Other Information
Must be rehomed with his mate, June. I am rehoming for two reasons. Partly because I struggle with ear/hearing issues and my ears have become to sensitive to particular pitches, including their singing. Also because I work long days and just think that even though they are happy and healthy with me, it would hurt for them to live with someone who can give them just a little more. That being said, I am under no time frame and will be very thorough while searching for exactly the right home.

phone: 6086981952


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