Dog | Male | Age: 5 | Lab/Mut | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Extremely loving and loves to cuddle. Lots of energy and enjoys outdoors.

Other Animals
Lived with a small maltipoo for his whole life

Medical History
Spayed and up to date on vaccinations

Ideal Home
Home with no other dogs or small kids.

Physical Description
Black coat with a slight brown hue running down his back. Approximately 70lbs

Other Information
Jordy is a super lovable dog! Most of the time he can live happily and comfortably around other dogs. However sometimes he gets a little defensive around food with them. There have been a couple times that he has snapped at one while around food. Because of this, we are requiring that Jordy go to a home without another dog or small kids. Jordy was rescued from the streets of Florida, so we think that his past just comes back every now and then.

phone: 2628257475


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