Dog | Female | Age: seven | mix | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Khloe is a great dog. She's affectionate and fun, but she does have a lot of anxiety. Meeting people is hard for her, as is any unfamiliar situation.

Other Animals
Khloe has never been around cats. She does like other dogs until they get in her space or get near anything she likes (food toys, etc.) She would be better off as the only dog in a home.

Medical History
Khloe is in perfect heath.

Ideal Home
Khloe needs one special person to bond with. A home where she is the only pet would be ideal. Kids also cause her anxiety. Basically, she wants to stay home and hang out with an adult who likes to cuddle.

Physical Description
Khloe is a black and white mixed bread pup. She has short hair and a stout body.

phone: 6122367807


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