Khumbu and Namche 

Rodent | Male | Age: 2 | Guinea pigs

These boys are so funny and LOVE their snacks. The reason we are looking to re-home them is because we adopted a dog in December and she doesn’t do well with them. The boys need more attention then we can give them. We want them to have such a loving home where they will get lots of it!

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Medical History
Namche had pneumonia a little over a year ago but since then has fully recovered

Ideal Home
Ideal home would be a place where I know they will get loads of attention and SNACKS! They must be adopted together. Preferably a home with no cats or large dogs

Other Information
The boys would also come with a custom cage my spouse and I built. It’s 6 feet long and 2 feet wide. They would also come with their food, snacks, toys and travel cage as well.

phone: 6083936388


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