Bird | Male | Age: 3 years | Lovebirds

They are very chatty happy little birds. I got them from another family so they haven't been hard tamed or given a proper diet. I am slowly trying to get them to eat healthier but birds are stubborn haha. They definitely love to be a part of the room!

Other Animals
2 lovebirds, unknown gender as I never got them tested.

Medical History
I took them to the vet when I received them and they got a good bill of health!

Ideal Home
Someone who can work with them and get them used to other people. They are definitely curious birds but were not given what they needed when first owned. I'm looking for someone who has experience with birds already.

Physical Description
They are rosy cheeked lovebirds I believe. Not 100% sure though.

phone: 6089602226


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