Kiki Dee 

Cat | Female | Age: 9 | Unknown: Short Hair Cat | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Social, friendly, playful, and doesn’t bother plants

Other Animals
She has not lived with other animals. On occasion she has spent time with another cat, and after a few days, she has gotten along just fine. I’m not sure how she would react to dogs.

Medical History
She is declawed, spayed, and up to date on vaccines.

Ideal Home
Kiki would do best in a home that has school age children or older. She would be okay with another cat after given a chance to acclimate. I do not know how she would be around dogs.

Physical Description

Other Information
Kiki does not have behavioral issues, but she needs her space when it comes to small children (I would guess age 4 or younger depending on the child). Additionally, she is very food oriented so she only receives a half a cup of food each day to maintain a healthy weight.

phone: 6084349208


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