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Cat | Female | Age: 5 | Short hair common house cat | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Mostly friendly, polite most of the time - she can be pretty insistent when she is hungry. She waits until I'm awake before she tries to get my attention. She enjoys watching the birds out the window. Ribbon is her favorite toy. She loves being brushed. She likes cupboards and enclosed spaces. She sleeps on the bed with me.

Other Animals
None. She shows some interest when she hears a dog barking out in the hall. I think if the other animal is nice to her, she is tolerant of them.

Medical History
She has been in good health and annually gets a check-up and shots. She is about five pounds overweight and currently eating diet dry food and one small pouch of wet broth and meat daily.

Ideal Home
With someone who loves cats and will spend time playing with her every day. Maybe one or two other animals in the house. Older children would be okay.

Physical Description
She's grey, black, tan, and white. Black stripes and tip of tail, white paws. The tip of her tail is bent. The white on her front paws looks like mittens and the white on her back legs looks like white boots. She has a white chest and white abdomen.

Other Information
Taking care of her physical needs has become too much for me. She has a bad habit of urinating outside of her litter box instead of in it. The picture was taken when I first got her home.

phone: (608) 444-5554


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