Bird | Male | Age: 21 | Quaker Parrot

Kiwi is generally very sweet (can be nippy, he's getting older and can be grumpy sometimes), cuddly and very smart. He can talk, mimics my laugh. He is very animated and quite fun to interact with.

Other Animals
I had a cat for 15 years that passed away this year. I never had issues with them, but had to keep a close eye on Kiwi when he was out of his cage.

Medical History
Kiwi has been in good health. He had an initial intake with UW Veterinary Medicine, and one follow up for emergency care. He had plucked some chest feathers about 16 years ago, and there is a small patch that never grew back. Otherwise he is in very good health.

Ideal Home
Kiwi needs to go to a home with someone familiar with parrots. While he is sweet he can be nippy. He needs to go to a loving home where he will get a lot of attention and interaction.

Physical Description
Kiwi is green, blue, gray/white bib, typical Quaker.

Other Information
I moved a month ago, and I work remotely, and since moving, Kiiwi is very unhappy and has been screaming at me while I'm trying to work and hold conference calls. This is causing me a lot of anxiety during my workday. I am simply unable to give him my full attention while working.

phone: 608-445-9427


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