Dog | Female | Age: 6 months | lab mix | Spayed/Neutered

She is a very very sweet dog lots of energy. She loves to go on walks and play with other dogs. Very playful needs some training but is very easily trained !

Other Animals
She lives with my cat and they do very well together. She also has played with lot of other dogs at my apartment and plays very nicely with them. if you have smaller dogs she might have too much energy for them to keep up.

Medical History
She is neutered and has gotten a lot of her shots I haven’t gotten her in very recently so not sure if there is a need for a new one.

Ideal Home
Her ideal home would have another dog for her to play with preferably with matching energy. A yard for her to run would be amazing for her and someone who has the time to train and get her energy out.

phone: 6084220330

email: poppins.fischer@gmail.com

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