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Bird | Male | Age: 19 | Congo African Gray | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Very sweet, social, smart, and talkative. Target and clicker trained. Unfortunately, he is very attached to only one human in the house, and is unable to receive the amount of socialization he needs due to being territorial about his human and also due to cats in the household. He consistently does well with sitter families where he can interact with multiple adults.

Other Animals
Has lived with cats and small birds, and gets cage aggressive about them being in his space. No information about how he reacts to dogs. Other big birds would have to be on a meet-and-greet, case-by-case basis.

Medical History
He does have a history of feather destructive behavior, and he will clip off his feathers all over his body when stressed. He is in very good feather now but he will pick feathers if he is left in a stressful environment with little enrichment, (i.e. if he is boarded at a large facility with other pets/birds).

Ideal Home
Looking for a home with multiple adults that can interact with/care for Kooper. At least some bird experience is a must, large bird experience preferred. Cat-free home preferred. Would also prefer that he goes to a home that is a permanent living situation and not a rental, as he can get quite loud. Ideally, he would be able to have his cage in a common area, like a living room, so that he can have plenty of everyday contact with his humans.

Other Information
There will be a rehoming fee, but I am flexible if everything else is a great fit. Rehome fee will cover all of the stuff to go with Kooper including: - A&E macaw cage: 40”x30”x62” - Secondary temporary housing cage: 24”x24” about 4’ high - Food and treats - Toys - Perches - PVC play stand - Cargo net 3’x3’

phone: 6086095857


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