Cat | Female | Age: 2 years | Domestic Short-Hair | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Shy, curious and cautious. She'd rather love you from a distance (abeit a small distance) than in your lap. Playful. Will dive under the nearest chair or couch if spooked. Loves to hang out with my son while he plays video games!

Other Animals
Admires them from a distance but is actually pretty good with them.

Medical History
Spayed 2020; Up to date on vaccines as of 10/07/2021.

Ideal Home
Ideally placed with her sibling Mozi. Best in a home with few other animals and calm dogs. I have a Husky who she's great with, but the energy of the Husky can be a bit much for Kozi. She prefers my mellow Newfoundland.

Physical Description
Black domestic short-hair with a small blaze of white on her stomach.

phone: 6083337482

email: qlemery@gmail.com

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