Dog | Female | Age: 5 years | Australian Shepard, chow, American Staffordshire | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Very loving and intelligent. Quite a bit of energy. Can be very anxious.

Other Animals
Has lived with one dog and two cats at various times. She was mostly very good with other animals, but can play a little rough at times. Lacey has food guarding tendencies especially around other dogs, and should eat in peace. Otherwise she gets along with the family dogs that she is familiar with. Meeting new dogs makes her nervous, though, and should have slow and brief introductions.

Medical History
Spayed and up to date on all vaccines.

Ideal Home
No young children. Someone with experience with anxious dogs. Other pets may be a problem.

Physical Description
Brown and white. 55 pounds.

Other Information
We recently had a situation where our 17 month old daughter leaned in for a sudden hug, almost a head butt, and startled Lacey. The dog responded out of fear with a bite. This is why we need to rehome her to a house with no small children.

phone: 6082125096


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