Larry Birb and Rosemary (who is also a male) 

Bird | Male | Age: Larry Birb estimated 10 years, Rosemary 2 | Cockatiel

Sassy! They are funny birds, don’t LOVE to be held all the time, but love exploring, chirping at each other toys they can tear apart to find what’s inside…they would enjoy getting more attention I believe

Other Animals
Have lived with cats and one dog- no problems, they mostly ignore each other

Medical History
Larry Birb had some sort of scratch on his chest he came to us, determined by UW Veterinary service to be just that (healed, no pathology); otherwise no know health problems

Ideal Home
A home where people have time to play/interact with them and in particular a home where someone would love these interesting birds! Our son can no longer care for them and we don’t have the time to dedicate to them, and they deserve more attention and fans😁

Physical Description
See pictures- grey with yellow cap, orange cheeks

Other Information
$20 rehoming fee per bird- we’re also happy to include the bird cage they currently have.

phone: 6086092612


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