Lilah Littlebit 

Cat | Female | Age: 15 months | domestic shorthair | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Playful, affectionate, purrs loudly and a lot. Has been great with kids. A little anxious. Potential as a lap cat for someone who has the time to spend with her.

Other Animals
Aggressive towards other adult female. Good with her brother who lives with her, but seems to appreciate her alone time and is more affectionate to me when other cats aren't around. I think a dog might be too stressful.

Medical History
Spayed. Been working with vet/cat behavior specialist to try and get her to not to go after the other adult female since March with little change in behavior. No litter box issues or digestive issues.

Ideal Home
One without any other pets and an owner that can spend some time with her. Not an outdoor cat.

Physical Description
White and tiger mix with green eyes. Petite.

Other Information
Would like it if we can set up play dates with her brother. I hate separating them, but I think she's be happier elsewhere.

phone: 608-240-5478


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