Cat | Female | Age: 5 | Tabby | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Loves Being Pet, playing with feather toys Is a indoor Cat but very curious of outside but will not leave humans feet area

Other Animals
Has been around Small Dogs here and there but will distant herself until she gets use to them

Medical History
She is fixed up to date on shots micro chipped NOT Declawed

Ideal Home
No kids under 14 No other Cats, small dogs ok. Takes more time with bigger dogs. Loves women and likes men.

Physical Description
Beautiful Tabby Short Hair

Other Information
She is Terrified of Balloons and loves Feather Toys, Cat Nip and Treats …. She loves to talk and does not like to be held she will let you pet her a couple times and then jump out of your arms. She likes to lay in the bed and cuddle.

phone: 6082163637


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