Dog | Male | Age: 6 | American Staffordshire Terrier (26%), Chow Chow (25%), Rottweiler (12%), German Shepherd (10%), Mix | Spayed/Neutered

Lincoln loves to play and has lots of energy. He loves his humans, although he isn't much of a cuddler. He prefers to just sit by your legs and get pets. He loves to be outside and just hang out. He is a pretty independent dog - some days he will just go lay in a bedroom by himself.

Other Animals
He has lived with our other dog, who is a Shih Tzu/ Bichon mix (15 lbs) with no incidents. They get along great and play with each other.

Medical History
His last vet visit was July, he has never had any medical issues.

Ideal Home
We think his ideal home would be a large fenced in yard, probably with no other dogs around and no small children. The ideal owners would be able to get him out on walks fairly frequently.

Other Information
He can be wary of loud/strange noises. He barks and runs along the fence line if other dogs are there or neighbor is mowing lawn. We have had mixed results on introducing new people and dogs. He tends to be particular about his dog friends and only really gets along with calmer dogs. He can sometimes make other dogs nervous when trying to protect his space. He has been around small children and seems fine in small doses.

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