Cat | Male | Age: 8 years old | Tabby | Spayed/Neutered

Link is a very gentle, very vocal, nice cat. He loves attention from humans and other animals. He is great with our 2 year old daughter and gets along with our 4 year old dog. He meows for attention.

Other Animals
We originally had Link first and then adopted a dog when he was about 5 years old. He avoided the dog at first but after 3 months they became best friends. He's been around other cats briefly and did well but that was a long time ago.

Medical History
He has all of his claws, when we adopted him he was already 2 years old so we weren't able to declaw him because it would have been inhumane. He is neutered. He does need a Distemper shot but other than that he is up to date on rabies shot.

Ideal Home
The ideal home would be an owner/family that will give him the attention he needs. I think a family with other pets would be great as well. If you don't mind him meowing a lot, this is the perfect cat for you because that's really the main reason we are rehoming him is he does not get enough attention and the meowing drives my husband and I crazy. He likes going outside in the spring, summer and fall.

Physical Description
Orange tabby

Other Information
We really want to rehome him before winter.

phone: 847-915-9520


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