Lucky Baloo 

Cat | Male | Age: 11 Months | Snow Shoe/American Short Hair

Sweet, loving, affectionate! I just want to snuggle up with you and fall in love! Happy to enjoy petting, hanging out inside or I can be trusted to go outside sometimes without running away: I love my family and I'm looking for a new home & family! I will pur when petted gently and respond to my name being called! I love to climb and I’m highly adventurous!

Other Animals
I'm happy to live with other cats & dogs!

Medical History
Was vaccinated, but has been exposed to Feline Herpes Virus so I have a light discharge in my nose and light breathing issues, which are helped when I sit in front of a light source! Lysene helps! Here's a link to Low Level Laser Therapy

Ideal Home
Looking for a beautiful new family to bond with and fall in love with! Happy to use kitty litter and I will gently chew on cat grass!

Physical Description
Black and white!

phone: 9202538934


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