Cat | Female | Age: 10 | Tabby | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Lucy is a very sweet girl; she was our first pet as a family. She loves to cuddle and get pets whenever she can (she'll sleep on your pillow next to you at night if you allow her!). If you have a laser pointer, she'll happily play with it all day -- she's not really into cat nip though.

Other Animals
yes, Lucy has lived with two golden retrievers for most of her life. She loves her dog brother and sister, and often goes up to them for 'pets' (rubs her head on theirs). She has also lived briefly with other cats, and mostly ignored them or tried to play by rolling on per belly.

Medical History
Lucy has her claws and is up to date on vaccinations. She is also spayed. 5 years ago we decided to have most of her teeth removed at UW Vet Care because of tooth decay that could have caused her serious illness if left untreated. She has one tooth left, but eats just fine - both wet and dry food. Over the past year, Lucy has developed some stomach and skin issues. We have tried different diets and have done ultrasounds and bloodwork but have not found the root cause. Our veterinarian thinks it is a form or irritable bowel syndrome - it started about a year ago when our second child arrived, and our best guess is that it is behavioral IBS. She goes to the bathroom in her litterbox, but sometimes misses so we think she can't make it in time -- Lucy likes a clean litterbox daily. In terms of her skin, we think she's not grooming herself as much (maybe behavioral) and so she has a few mats on her back fur.

Ideal Home
Our house is very chaotic. We have two young children and two large dogs -- while Lucy is very loveable, I think she misses some of the peace of her years with us before we welcomed children. I think that a home with no children or older children would be best -- I think she would do fine with other animals. She just needs a little more 'chill' in her life.

Physical Description
Lucy is a grey/white striped tabby -- very small.

Other Information
This is a very difficult decision for our family. We love Lucy but don't feel like we have the capability to provide her the best life at this very busy stage of raising small children. We want to see her in a home where she is doted on and given all the attention she deserves.

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