Cat | Female | Age: 1 Year Old | American Short Hair

Sweet, loving, affectionate! I just want to snuggle up with you and fall in love! Happy to enjoy petting, hanging out inside or I can be trusted to go outside sometimes without running away: I love my family and I'm looking for a new home & family! I will pur when petted gently and respond to my name being called! I'm super intelligent, friendly and open hearted!

Other Animals
I've successfully lived with our cats and dogs! Good with kids and adults!

Medical History
Feline Herpes Virus so I have a light discharge in my nose and light breathing issues, which are helped when I sit in front of a light source! Lysene helps! Here's a link to Low Level Laser Therapy

Ideal Home
Looking for a beautiful new family to bond with and fall in love with! Happy to use kitty litter and I will gently chew on cat grass!

Physical Description
American Short Hair, Tabby brown, grey & stunningly beautiful!

phone: 9202538934


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