Rodent | Female | Age: <2 years | Gerbil

Friendly, active, & fun to watch!

Other Animals
Must be rehomed with daughter, Dumpling

Medical History
Marshmallow was pusched from a pet store in Milwaukee in August of 2019. She continued to grow after purchase, so she was under 2 months. Marshmallow has always been healthy and has never needed or received vet care.

Ideal Home
Marshmallow's ideal home has a prime viewing location for her 20-gallon habitat in a rec room or den. She loves to run on her wheel and she chews cardboard incessantly. These are not nocturnal animals, but these behaviors are disruptive to sleep on a child's bedroom.

Physical Description
Marshmallow has primarily white fur. When looking closely, very light grayish patches can be observed, but she's albino with ruby eyes. Her daughter, Dumpling, is light tan/peach colored with ruby eyes.

Other Information
These gerbils are friendly and enjoy being given treats, interacted with, and held - although they're not snuggly, as with most gerbils.

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