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Marshmallow and Allen 

Cat | Male | Age: 3.5 and 1.5 | Domestic Shorthair | Spayed/Neutered

Marshmallow is a bit shy at the beginning, but will get very close with people. He is scared of giant stuffs and the sound of plastic bags. He is usually very quiet and lovely, but sometimes needs your attention. Allen likes to be close with people, even strangers. He is energetic and loves to play with you.

Other Animals
They have lived together for about half a year. They hissed at each other for the 1st couple of weeks but quickly get to know each other and "fight" with each other (no actual damage, just playing around).

Medical History
Marshmallow had cat cold and currently has cat acne. Both cats are up to date on vaccines and are neutered.

Ideal Home
The ideal home would be a quiet one without too many guests. They need many toys and a cat tree.

Physical Description
Marshmallow is orange/tan with stripes of white. Allen is silky grey.

Other Information
Allen is a bit overweight.

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