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Rabbit | Female | Age: 3 years | Holland lop

Very friendly, will come up to you when you approach her blanket. When you're holding her she will let you do pretty much anything to her.

Other Animals
We have one dog and one cat in the house and she goes right up to both of them.

Medical History
She was checked before a vet and cleared before I adopted her, but she isn't spayed yet.

Ideal Home
Somewhere where she has the space to free roam, eat fresh veggies every day, and get cuddles. She enjoys attention every day so that is a must.

Physical Description
Lop type floppy ears, tortoise shell coat color, small in size

Other Information
She is mostly litter trained. She always pees in her litter box, but still poops outside a little bit. I think with training she could definitely be fully litter trained. Getting her spayed would likely make that easier.

phone: 6086926626


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