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Cat | Male | Age: 14 years, 4 months | mixed | Spayed/Neutered

Max is a very intelligent cat that likes to be wherever people are. He likes playing, enjoys treats, watching wildlife, having his head and neck massaged and curling up next to you. He is very sweet and lovable. He likes to be in charge, so if there are visitors, he likes to meet them.

Other Animals
Max has been with his brother Earl (another cat) for his entire life.

Medical History
Max just had his senior checkup, and he is healthy, neutered, up-to-date on vaccines and microchipped.

Ideal Home
The ideal home is a forever home where there are people that like to play with cats (lasers, toys). He has lived with only one family (indoors) and it's probably best if any other animals are cats, but he could probably handle a relaxed dog or two. He is a very people-oriented cat, but he can also be alone throughout the day.

Physical Description
He's a medium-sized short hair, orange and white.

Other Information
Max has been very well-cared for in one family his entire life. He is an indoor cat. He does not like having his nails trimmed, but he's had it done many times.

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