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Cat | Female | Age: 7 years old | Shorthair | Spayed/Neutered

Playful, sweet, cuddly, talkative

Other Animals
Milli has lived with a golden doodle since she was one year old and they have got along great. Our dog is very gentle with her and just lets her do her own thing so if a dog were to be in her new home, she would do well with him/her after warming up to each other. Her and our dog will lay together, play together and Milli likes to rub her face up on him at times.

Medical History

Ideal Home
The ideal home for Milli would be one that is mostly quiet and chill. She would do great with owners that would snuggle with her. I’m not sure how she would get along with another cat as she has never been around another cat before, I think she would be okay if given time to warm up but can’t say for sure. She doesn’t mind dogs once warmed up to them as long as they aren’t in her face right away.

Other Information
Milli loves to snuggle up and sleep and cuddle with people. She likes her head to be pet and loves to curl up on your lap while you watch TV on the couch. She can be vocal in the mornings or when she is playing and will talk back to you when you talk to her. She loves to play with hair ties, Bobbie pins, little balls; even by herself she will toss them around and sprint around the house. She also like to chase a laser when we play with her. Milli occasionally loves a tiny bit of tuna as a treat or catnip. She also loves to look out the window at the birds and squirrels in the back yard. Occasionally we will let her outside with us and she loves to rub around on the cement (she never has run off and will go right back inside when we go inside). She also loves our dog (golden doodle) so much and likes to rub on him as well. I'm sure if a dog were to be in her new home she would eventually warm up to it as long as they are gentle with her as ours is very gentle with her.

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