Dog | Male | Age: 11 | Husky | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Muffin is like a big baby. He’s cuddly, friendly, and loyal. He does best somewhere with a yard where he can freely run around and explore. He’s an alpha personality, and is protective of his owner in a sweet way. Because he’s older, he has slowed down since his puppy husky days and enjoys good long naps during the day too. He is crate trained and potty trained.

Other Animals
Yes, Muffin has lived with other dogs and cats. However, he would do best in a household where he is the only animal. If living with other dogs, it will br important to feed the dogs in separate rooms. If living with a cat, they need to be separated at all times, or muffin will chase the cat.

Medical History
Spayed, neutered, up to date on all vaccines as well as heart guard and nexguard.

Ideal Home
A dog-lover(s) with no small children, and, ideally, a good sized fenced yard.

Physical Description
Muffin is about 70 pounds and strikingly beautiful with Husky markings.

phone: 6086095355


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