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Exotic | Female | Age: 1 year | Gerbil

Munster is the most interesting gerbil you will ever meet. You call her our little architect or interior home designer because she is always changing the look of her tank. She adores cardboard tubes. She also loves anything she can shred into a little bits like paper toweling, dried banana leaves, etc. I think of Munster as a wild animal as she is not for cuddling or petting. We will provide the pair of bite gloves that we use anytime we have to enter her tank. Never put your bare hand in the tank. Even though she is not a cuddler, she is more fun than any other gerbil that I've had to observe. She is truly a lot of fun to watch.

Other Animals
Munster should not be with any other gerbils. We will provide her tank, and her two water bottles, and a sand bath, plus some additional miscellaneous supplies.

Medical History
None. She eats and drinks great and has never needed to go to the vet. Because she chews so well, her teeth have always stayed at a nice healthy length.

Ideal Home
Someone that understands that she is a fascinating animal to observe and not an animal to cuddle. This is not a gerbil that will hide in its home all day. This is a gerbil that you will have so much fun watching!

Physical Description
Tan and cream fur with dark red eyes.

Other Information
This gerbil is always busy. You'll have so much fun watching her.

phone: 6085208840


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