Cat | Female | Age: <2 | Domestic short hair | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Very friendly and playful

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Medical History
She is spayed and has all of her vaccines. She has no known medical issues.

Ideal Home
Nina should fit in well in any home.

Physical Description
Nina is a tabby cat and is a healthy weight.

Other Information
My mother adopted Nina over a year ago but has since been unable to care for her after she moved to a new place. Nina behave really well at her old apartment but after a couple months in her new condo Nina started to urinate on the floor instead of using the litter box. I think someone with experience and patience may be able to correct the issue. She was recently taken to the vet and there was no clear medical reason for the urination, suggesting behavior and stress from moving. Otherwise she has been a fantastic companion.

phone: 6082163925


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