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Cat | Female | Age: 6 | Tabby Cat | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Olivia is love. She is adorable and enjoys talking. She is curious and has a sweet calm demeanor. Not much phases her. She is the most resilient kitty too!

Other Animals
Olivia has lived with 11 other cats and 2 dogs.

Medical History
Olivia is a lively girl who has some unique differences. She is doing very well at this time but her medical history should be known. She was originally brought to DCHS is very poor health. After fighting hard she was able to get to a healthy place. Olivia has a history of herpes virus and inner ear infections. This can cause her significant dizziness and has lead her to have a permanent head tilt. With these symptoms she tends to walk unsteadily and very rarely jumps. She is sensitive to touch and appears to get very dizzy and uneasy when people attempt to hold her or keep her steady. Nobody has been able to give her pills when she has been ill, but liquid medication tends to be easier. Her sneezing seems to have eased but her ears need to be monitored frequently.

Ideal Home
Olivia is very friendly, loved people, and could fit in well in many places. She just needs someone who is experienced with special cats and is willing and able to provide her the care she needs.

Physical Description
Olivia is a beautiful gray tabby with stunning green eyes.

phone: 847-606-5291


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