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Cat | Female | Age: 6 | Tabby Cat | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Olivia is a sweet and very special lady. She has a lot to say most days when it comets food, but is also very laid back. When Olivia was found by DCHS she was in very poor shape, but has come so far. She has battled health needs but is resilient and always appreciative. There is so much love in her heart and she likes to share that with her people.

Other Animals
Olivia has lived with 11 other cats and 2 dogs.

Medical History
Olivia has a history of inner ear infections that can be significant. This impacts her balance and walking. She also has a permanent head tilt because of this. In the past Olivia has also dealt with flare ups of Herpes, but that ahas not been an issue lately. She sup to date on her preventative health care.

Ideal Home
Olivia would do well in a quiet home that can truly provide for her health needs.

Physical Description
Olivia is a beautiful gray tabby with brilliant green eyes. She walks a little different than other cats and has a head tilt, but does ok. She also has a unique and funny meow.

phone: 847-606-5291


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