Pablo and Bella 

Cat | Male | Age: 16 months | Black shorthair | Spayed/Neutered

Named after poblano and bell peppers, these siblings are the friendliest cats I've ever met. Pablo is the cuddlier of the two. He loves being near you, being held, and will always nuzzle his head into your chest and purr when you pick him up. Bella is more timid. She enjoys eating food and sitting in quiet comfortable spaces. Both are extremely well behaved.

Other Animals
Pablo and Bella have been together since birth and should not be separated. They haven't lived with other animals, so we aren't sure how they'd get along with them.

Medical History
The cats have been spayed/neutered and were up to date on their vaccines when we adopted them at 3 months. They have not received additional vaccines.

Ideal Home
The ideal home for Pablo and Bella would be one with humans who want to spend time with cuddly companions. They are most comfortable when living with 3 or fewer humans.

Physical Description
Both are black short-hairs. Bella is pure black, while Pablo has undertones of grey. Another way to tell them apart is that Pablo has a flatter head and Bella has a rounder head.

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