Cat | Female | Age: 4 y/o | Grey Tortie | Spayed/Neutered

Penny is a sweet girl, fond of laps and cuddles, and talkative in that Tortie kind of way. She says hello with a little dialogue but won't talk your ear off. She is curious and playful as long as she feels safe. She's of average size and build for a spayed female with the softest, thick fur you'll ever snuggle with despite being a shorthair.

Other Animals
Penny has been around other animals and it weirds her out - badly. She was a rescue kitten where she was left out in the frigid January cold and was chased by destructive and recklessly wild dogs. She is the epitome of the "scardey cat" because of this, a bit of a nervous nellie. She has lived with another cat as well. However, her experience with dogs spilled over into her interaction with other cats so she is fearful and submissive until she's not. When the stress gets to be too much, she says so and then runs away. This is actually the factor driving our decision to find a home where she can be the solo pet and pampered Queen as being in a multi-cat environment is too stressful on her.

Medical History
Excellent health. No issues at all. She is spayed and still has her claws. She has been vaccinated in the past but I am not sure of the date of her last shots. Diet is of high grade kibble and wet food combinations since rescue at about eight to ten weeks so she is in great health as a four-year old.

Ideal Home
She loves "cat tv" - being able to sit in windows or on a screen porch, weather permitting. We will only rehome her to a situation where she will be the only pet and there are no small children or mischievous early adolescents. (you know the type I mean :)) She needs a low-stress/low conflict home where she can feel safe and quick sounds or actions have really no consequence or threat to her. (She may still flinch, but can be easily reassured with you calmly telling her "it's ok")

Physical Description
Average sized housecat. About nine pounds or so. Not trim but not pudgy either. Grey tortoise shell with amber/orange flecks throughout and stunning green eyes.

Other Information
There are other changes in our house driving our desire to rehome Penny, but it is breaking our hearts. She is sweet and happy to hang with her people. Despite her fearfulness, she is social and will even talk to house guests after a period of time. She loves watching movies or reading a book with you and will graciously share the bed with you at night. She's usually at your feet. While she might tummy/upper body cuddle for a little while, she generally relocates to the foot of the bed.

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