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Cat | Female | Age: 6 | Black/Brown/White Tabby | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Penny is an incredibly friendly cat. She loves to sit right next to/on your and receive pets. She is a very timid cat at first, but will definitely warm up after some time. Great with larger children who know boundaries. Fine with smaller children as well, just tends to run from them. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body and have never had an issue with her biting/clawing.

Other Animals
Penny was raised with a brother of the same breed (not same litter/mom) who was only a few months older than she is. They got along great. They played and chased each other around our smaller apartment. She now has a younger cat (about 1 year old) and will play with the young cat on her terms. They will chase each other around a bit, but don't wrestle and typically keep to themselves.

Medical History
Penny is up to date on all vaccinations and is spayed. She is NOT declawed. She is very good about using her scratching posts and we keep her claws clipped. She is a bit overweight and would benefit from a diet. A recent vet report can be provided upon request.

Ideal Home
I believe Penny would do best in a home with older children (10+) and 1 or no additional cats. Her weight would be better controlled if she didn't have another cat around to prevent grazing at her food. She would be fine in an apartment as that size is what she grew up in.

Physical Description
Penny is a black/brown and white short-hair tabby mix. She currently weighs about 14 pounds. She is a smaller grown cat.

Other Information
Penny has been defecating outside of the litter box off and on for the last year. No urinating, just defecate. The messes are small and easily cleaned on both wood and carpet. This is the primary reason we are looking to rehome her as we now have a walking toddler who likes to investigate everything. We have tried multiple types of litter, foods, and added several litter boxes to try and retrain her. She'll have a good 3-4 week streak and then break it. This started soon after we moved into our house so we are not sure if it is just the larger space and her not knowing if she can make it to the litter in time, or if there are other issues. Vet says she is fine except for her being a little overweight. X-rays and fecal/blood labs are all clean and show no issues, so this is a behavioral issue.

phone: 3094177662


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