Cat | Male | Age: 11 | American short hair | Spayed/Neutered | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Pippy likes to be surrounded by people and loves sitting in laps and cuddling. Very gentle/chill most of time, and also up to playing/interacting with people. He is always happy, as long as he is fed :) Doing great with little kids. (Our kids are 6 and 2).

Other Animals
Pippy has been in the house with our dog (8 lbs silky terrier) for almost ten years with no issues. They get along really well.

Medical History
No significant medical history according to his recent wellness check up in 11/2021.

Ideal Home
A family that can give pippy attention would be a good fit! He would do great with a small family with little kids/small animals, or a quiet house looking to have some snuggles, fun and joy!

Physical Description
Pippy loves jumping onto any heights- the tales, platforms and boxes. No physical limitations noted.

Other Information
The reason of rehoming is moving out of state and frequent moving in the following months. We believe a home with less changes is better for Pippy. We will be happy to pay his current insurance (wellness plan with Banfield animal hospital till next November).

phone: 3147577936

email: voiceless1984@gmail.com

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