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Dog | Male | Age: 6 months | Labrador/Pitbull/Terrier mix | Spayed/Neutered

Pluto is a curious happy puppy who loves to explore and go on walks outside. He enjoys playing with his toys and having lots of company. He is great with new people and different environments and is unbothered by loud sounds such as lawnmowers, cars, etc.

Other Animals
Pluto has lived with another dog and cat and has been unbothered by them and shown no aggression toward them.

Medical History
Pluto is neutered and up to date on his vaccinations.

Ideal Home
The ideal home for Pluto would be with an individual or family who is able to dedicate a lot of time to him and work on training with his puppy chewing. He would love someone who takes him on walks and shows him lots of love at home. He is great with both men and women and seems to love children (although has not been socialized much with them yet since there were no kids in the home). He is surprisingly quiet for a puppy and does not bark or whine much. Someone who can give him lots of attention would be a great fit for him.

Physical Description
Pluto is approximately 30Ibs and red in color. He has short hair similar to a labrador and a cute pink nose and floppy ears.

phone: 2623031818


Please note that the animals in these listings have not been assessed medically or behaviorally. If you are considering bringing a new pet into your home, we strongly encourage you to request vet records and the animal’s full behavior history from the previous owner.